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Dentance Professional Dental Guards



The best anti-grinding mouth guard that can help you stop clenching teeth while asleep.
This anti-clenching mouth guard can be used as a mouth protector while participating in sports activities.
A must-have anti grinding teeth protector for kids and adults suffering from bruxism.
This mouthpiece can be used to stop teeth grinding and as a teeth whitening tray.

Dentance – an anti-grinding, multi-purpose, professional mouth guard

The Dentance Professional Dental Guard is a multi-purpose mouth guard that can be used by children and athletes alike! The neat fitting and sturdy design make it ideal for extended use and offer a variety of benefits.

Product Features:

  • The anti-clenching properties of this mouth guard make it suitable for professional athletes, especially basketball and baseball players. It offers protection against accidental injuries and external damage.
  • Dentance is engineered to prevent grinding of teeth and the damage associated with it. It is perfect for adults and children suffering from bruxism. The mouthguard can be used while kids are asleep and protects the tongue and cheeks from wounds as well.
  • The mouth guard can serve as a teeth whitening tray. Apply the appropriate amount of whitening gel in the guard and wear it overnight to add shine to your teeth!
  • This mouth protector is made of high-quality medical-grade material free from BPA and Phthalates. The material is also easily adjustable and comfortable even during long periods of use.

With Dentance, you’re guaranteed a product that is safe, comfortable and serves different purposes!

Benefits for you

  • Bruxism Mouth Guard

Bruxism is a disorder which can make you unconsciously clench your teeth in your sleep or while awake. Kids who suffer from this health condition end up making serious wounds as they grind their teeth. This anti grinding mouth guard not only fits into the mouth well but also protects the teeth and tongue from getting damaged.

  • Sports Mouth Guard

If you are a sports person, you might become a victim of sudden accidental injuries that end up damaging your teeth. This is when you can use the anti grinding mouthpiece as a teeth protector.

How To Use

  • Check the length of the mouth guard to make sure it matches. You can trim it according to the shape of your own teeth.
  • Before using the mouth guard, soak it in hot water (70-90 °C) for 30 seconds.
  •  Place the mouthguard in your mouth and adjust it to a comfortable position.
  • Put the mouth guard in cold water for reshaping.


How long should you wear a mouthguard?

As the term suggests, the best time to wear a night guard is when you’re sleeping. There is no specific restriction for how long you can wear a mouth guard during the day. However, it is advisable to wear one when you do not have to talk and converse with people around you. While mouth guards are designed to be comfortable even during long hours of use, always remember to remove it immediately in case of unusual pain or discomfort.

How often should you replace night guard?

The majority of mouth guard users reported that their guards showed signs of wear, tear and damaged after 6-12 months of use. The life of a mouth guard depends on the material it is made of and the frequency of use. It is recommended that you replace your mouth guard at the first signs of damage or poor fitting.

Should I keep my night guard in water?

No, for hygiene and maintenance purposes, always store your mouth guard in a case and make sure the guard and the container are both completely dry. You may soak your mouth guard in a mix of water and mouth guard cleaning fluid for an hour, once a week. However, the rest of the time, it is important to store your guard in a cool and dry container, far from dampness, heat and humidity.

Can a night guard hurt your teeth?

Mouth guards are designed for comfort over long hours of use. If your mouth guard is causing you pain and severe discomfort, it is a sign that the fit and size of the guard is incorrect for your mouth. In such a situation, stop using the guard and change to a one with correct shape, size and fitting. It important to check the specifics of a mouth guard before purchasing it. If possible, always choose a custom made mouth guard after consulting with your dentist.

Can you wear a mouthguard all day?

Yes, a mouth guard is designed for long hours of use. However, dentists recommend that you wear the mouth guard while sleeping during the night. During the day, try to wear your mouth guard during periods when you do not have to converse and talk to people around you. In case of any discomfort or pain, remove the mouth guard immediately.