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Charconut - Charcoal & Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips



Teeth Whitening Strips for sensitive teeth and normal teeth.
Removes intrinsic tooth stains to help you smile wider.
Your teeth will have instant whitening therapy with these gentle whitening strips.
The product is not meant for children below 12 years and pregnant women.

Activated Charcoal Whitening with Charconut.

Introducing Charconut Teeth Whitening Strips, from Paraiba White. These strips combine the goodness of black diamond charcoal and coconut oil extracts to remove even the toughsest of stains and leave your teeth looking as good as new.

Product Features:

  • Charconut strips are chemical-free and made with all-natural products. This ensures gentle and healthy bleaching cleanse for your teeth.
  • Designed to work in 30 minutes and remove intrinsic stains and long-term yellowing of teeth.
  • Each pack contains 14×2 strips for your upper and lower teeth. The natural extracts ensure there is no bitter aftertaste while using these strips.

This product is NOT meant for use by children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.


  • White Glamourous Teeth – The Charconut strips operate with a mode of chemical-free teeth whitening technique that instantly makes your teeth white by removing yellow tinge and intrinsic tooth stains to give you a beautiful set of teeth and a brighter smile.

  • No Bitter Taste – If you have a feeling that these natural teeth whitening strips will spoil your taste buds, don’t worry about it as no bad taste or flavor would be left in your mouth after using the strips. They only cleanse your teeth and make it white.


  • Take out the strips from the pack.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and neatly apply the strip on the lower set of teeth, neatly aligning it with the gums.
  • Now do the same on the above set of teeth too.
  • Keep it on for 30 minutes and then peel and dispose of.
  • Brush your teeth to remove the extra gel clinging on to it.
  • Do not use it if you have mouth ulcers.


How long does it take Teeth Whitening Strips to work?

Depends on the amount of staining and marking on a person’s teeth. Most high-quality teeth whitening strips will give you noticeable results in around 2 weeks.

What happens if I swallow some of the gel from the Teeth Whitening Strip?

Swallowing a small amount of teeth whitening gel will not cause any adverse effects or damage. However, ingestion of large quantities of the gel can cause nausea and stomach irritation. Keep teeth whitening gel out of the reach of children, kids and infants.

Do Teeth Whitening Strips really work?

Yes, teeth whitening strips are designed for short-term use and remove surface stains. If used correctly, teeth whitening strips will give you whiter and brighter teeth in around 2 weeks.

What happens if you leave whitening strips on your teeth overnight?

Teeth whitening strips are meant to be used for short durations. Leaving a whitening strip on once by accident will not cause harm or injury. However, regularly wearing whitening strips overnight and for long hours can damage teeth sensitivity, strength and leave stains.

Can Teeth Whitening strips be Used by Children?

No, teeth whitening strips are not to be used by children under 12 years of age and by pregnant women. Do not use whitening strips on milk teeth.


2 reviews for Charconut – Charcoal & Coconut Teeth Whitening Strips

  1. Emily Joe Fox

    I am more inclined to products that have natural ingredients. That’s the reason why I picked Charcoal and coconut Teeth whitening strips in the first place. It gets my teeth bleached instantly, without any side effects. In a very little time, it removes teeth stains and yellowing. Now I have a reason to smile!

  2. Cynthia Benson

    Perfect teeth whitening strips! Being a coffee addict, it’s hard to keep stains at bay, but teeth whitening strips have made it easy for me. Within 30 minutes, it removes all coffee stains and makes teeth crystal clear. Since it is chemical-free, it ensures better safety. I Highly recommend the product.

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