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  • The best anti-grinding mouth guard that can help you stop clenching teeth while asleep.
  • This anti-clenching mouth guard can be used as a mouth protector while participating in sports activities. 
  • A must-have anti grinding teeth protector for kids and adults suffering from bruxism.
  • This mouthpiece can be used to stop teeth grinding and as a teeth whitening tray.
  • This anti grinding teeth protector is designed to neatly fit into your mouth. 
  • This mouth protector is made of high-quality medical-grade material free from BPA and Phthalates.
  •  This mouthpiece to stop grinding does not leave behind any bad after-use taste.
  • This anti clench mouth guard can be made adjustable by you at home.


  • Bruxism Mouth Guard


Bruxism is a disorder which can make you unconsciously clench your teeth in your sleep or while awake. Kids who suffer from this health condition end up making serious wounds as they grind their teeth. This anti grinding mouth guard not only fits into the mouth well but also protects the teeth and tongue from getting damaged. 


  • Sports Mouth Guard


If you are a sports person, you might become a victim of sudden accidental injuries that end up damaging your teeth. This is when you can use the anti grinding mouthpiece as a teeth protector.

  • Check the length of the mouth guard to make sure it matches. You can trim it according to the shape of your own teeth.
  • Before using the mouth guard, soak it in hot water (70-90 °C) for 30 seconds.
  •  Place the mouthguard in your mouth and adjust it to a comfortable position.
  • Put the mouth guard in cold water for reshaping.