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Importance Of Proper Dental Hygiene

Importance of Proper Dental Hygiene

Oral health and dental hygiene is something that most Americans do not pay much attention to. To put things into perspective – one in four Americans have untreated dental problems and tooth decay. That is 26% of the adult population of the United States. 

Now that we have established how the general trend in our country is to ignore dental health, let us start from the basics and look at the significance of dental health and the need to practice proper hygiene.

Dental Hygiene: The Window To Your Personal Health

Personal Health

Proper oral health or dental health reflects on the overall health of your body. General dental problems like cavities, swollen gums, and bleeding can affect your speech pattern, cause restrictions in your eating habits, cause pain, and affect your general lifestyle. In contrast, problems like bad breath can affect your social life, affecting your mental health. As things go unnoticed by our naked eye, most people fail to understand how our dental hygiene affects our health that is not directly related to our mouth.

Did you know, the bacteria in germs involved in gum diseases can cause heart problems like clogged arteries, stroke, or even a heart attack. Lack of proper dental hygiene has a severe impact on pregnant women. Diseases and infections like periodontitis can result in premature birth and weight issues of the baby. With your body having low immunity power, your gums have higher chances of facing problems like gum inflammation and infection in cases of diabetes.

Oral Hygiene & Dental Health In Our Daily Life

Oral Hygiene & Dental Health

With lack of knowledge being the primary reason, even with such awareness programs going around, oral health and dental hygiene remain a part of our health that remains neglected and taken for granted. In fact, it has been that before systemic diseases get detected or affect the entire body, it is our mouth that starts showing signs of the abnormality and starts reacting to it, making it apparent how sensitive and important dental health is.

No matter what your age is, maintaining dental hygiene is important. Thankfully with the involvement of proper dental equipment, toothpastes, and brushes, cases of dental problems in our country have seen a steady decline with time. But, even with more people being able to keep their natural set of teeth till their last days, cavities still remain a problem for the younger generation.

Dental Health Advice

Dental Health Advice

Most of us believe that dentists are meant to be visited only when they experience pain, gum bleeding, and inflammation, or other dental problems. They fail to understand how our mouth offers an insight into our general health. Even if you are not experiencing any dental problems, it is advised to meet your yearly dental appointment as your mouth can help you solve several other health problems, which often look like they are non-mouth related. Moreover, with advanced technology stepping in and aiding the medical science treatment process, dental procedures have become a lot comfortable, sophisticated, and precise. 

Practicing and maintaining good dental hygiene is easy as all you need to do is brush twice and floss once in a day while making sure that you replace your old toothbrush with a new one every four months. Eating a proper balanced diet, avoiding sugar-based food items to settle on your teeth and regular dental checkups are other important ‘good’ dental practices as well.

Dental Health Through The Ages

Dental Health Through The Ages

The Gen Y group is the first section of the population, where most people are enjoying their natural set of teeth throughout their life. It is mostly because of the advancement of dental science and dental equipment like modern electric toothbrushes. With these advanced electric toothbrushes ensuring proper brush stroke and gum massage, dental problems have steadily declined. 

Moreover, with people realizing the importance of natural elements in maintaining their dental hygiene, more people opt for products with natural teeth healing products, even if it’s for cosmetic purposes. As people have become more sophisticated with time, people have started to use products like natural products-based teeth whitening kits to maintain their oral hygiene and have a clean, hygienic look at the same time.

Dental prosthetics, too, have improved significantly over time. Dental prosthetics like mouth guards have become way more comfortable, properly shaped, and, most importantly, affordable. What was once thought of as sports equipment only has modified itself to become an important piece of dental equipment for daily use. This has helped people deal with dental problems like sleep apnea, snoring, teeth grinding, and bruxism. What was once thought of as sports equipment only, has modified itself to become an important dental equipment for daily use.

Yet, even with such advancements, more than 60% of school children and  90% of adults face tooth decay affecting 3.9 billion people worldwide. This is why we understand the importance of dental hygiene to save ourselves from pain and discomfort.

Check our website for more blogs on dental problems and solutions for them in the modern era. Brush daily, stay healthy!

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