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Charcoalo Teeth Whitening Kit – For Pearly White Teeth

Teeth whitening is not exactly a new concept. It is actually a practice that has been done for centuries, using a wide variety of ingredients. As of now, there are teeth whitening products available in the market made out of either chemical or natural ingredients, sometimes both. There are also teeth whitening mixtures that you can make at home on your own. Currently, around 11 billion dollars are spent each year on teeth whitening treatments. However, the question that remains is this: how effective are all the popular techniques in actually whitening the teeth? To help you come with an answer for that, here is a list of all the popular teeth whitening methods, and how effective they actually are in actually whitening teeth:

The application of fruit peels CANNOT generate completely satisfying results when it comes to teeth whitening:

The most popular way in which people whiten their teeth at home on their own is by using fruit peels. For this purpose, the peels of fruits like oranges, lemons, and bananas are taken and their thicker sides are pressed against the teeth. While this is a completely safe way to whiten teeth, the reality is that it can take a long time for its effects to kick in. Moreover, you need to do it really frequently if you actually want something to happen. If you are looking for an instant teeth whitening option, then fruit peels are not recommended for you. However, if you simply want your teeth to whiten over time in a safe manner, you can try this technique out. Remember that you need a lot of time and dedication to generate results using this method since it has to be followed religiously regularly. It should also be combined with lifestyle changes such as eating more fruits, reducing alcohol intake, and so on. 

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Coconut Oil Can Aid in Speeding the Teeth Whitening Process:​


Coconut oil is an amazing ingredient that has been popular for centuries due to its health benefits, and is majorly used for cooking purposes. Oil pulling is a popular teeth whitening option that  people try out at home. The reason why this method is so popular is that it requires only a bare minimum of ingredients. It is known to be a far more effective method than using fruit peels. But that does not mean that it is a perfect way to get bright and white teeth. Coconut oil is certainly an effective ingredient when it comes to teeth whitening, but oil pulling is not a perfect method to make the most out of it. This is because oil pulling involves swishing coconut oil in your mouth on a regular basis. The downside of this technique is that it can leave a weird and greasy taste in your mouth, and it has also been known to make people gag. You might get used to it after a while, but it can still be annoying to get over the taste and the feeling of oil in your mouth. The best way to use coconut oil for teeth whitening is by using a teeth whitening kit  that contains it.

Teeth Whitening Kits That Contain Activated Charcoal Can Be Really Safe and Effective:

Coconut oil

Activated  charcoal can seem like a weird ingredient to use for teeth whitening. But it is actually one of the most effective and popular ingredients used to make teeth pearly and white. One of the ways in which activated charcoal  is put to use for teeth whitening purposes is by applying it directly on a toothbrush and then brushing teeth with it for  a few minutes. It can then be rinsed off thoroughly. This process has to be repeated a few times a week for best results. The downside of this method is that it can be messy and often annoying to work with activated charcoal as it is. Instead, the best way to make the most of this ingredient is by using a teeth whitening kit that contains activated charcoal. Such kits are known to be really effective in whitening teeth instantly. 

Eating Healthy Food Alone Cannot Make Your Teeth Instantly Whiter:

Charcoal teeth whitening kit

It is important to eat healthy food to live a healthy life in general, and to keep diseases at bay. A natural way to whiten teeth is by eating healthy food, especially citrus fruits and green vegetables. Doing so can improve your dental health, which will consequently help you whiten your teeth over time. But it has to be noted that eating healthier food alone cannot help you whiten your teeth instantly. Doing so can definitely be useful for speeding up the teeth whitening process, but you need to use at least one of the techniques mentioned above in order to generate noticeable changes. 

green veggies

Since you now have an understanding of all the popular teeth whitening techniques, you can make an informed choice on what works for you, and what is convenient for you. Alway make sure that you put your safety and health first when trying out new teeth whitening techniques.

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